Hi! Maureen here (Mo for short). I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a long time, and my New Year’s resolution this year was to finally get around to it. So now that it’s nearly November (and I’m starting to feel guiltier and guiltier each week that passes without sitting down at the computer and pounding out a post), well here we are. Giving it the ol’ college try.

A little bio first, I suppose. I’m a runner, and I’ve always been one—starting with junior high cross country, and even before that when I was just a kid and we’d have races with the kids on my block. They’d always careen past me at top speed, but even then I wasn’t interested in sprinting, I just wanted to run far. I had these fantasies of running to Niagara Falls—I’d seen some photos of it lit up at night in some of those 70’s National Geographic that my grandparents would always bring to us kids, and that image stuck with me, so I’d picture myself running toward the water. I didn’t know how far it actually was, but I thought maybe one day I’d be able to run the distance.

So now that I’m all grown up, I still just want to run far, and I have several marathons under my belt—last year’s Chicago Marathon being the big one—and hopefully a lot more soon! And that’s what I’m planning to focus on now with this blog: training, equipment and runner shop reviews, write-ups on the races themselves, and anything else I suppose pertaining to the life of a runner!

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy!